posted 10 years ago by Ben Cordero

I need to find a better primary twiter client. #brizzly is been letting me down with multiply HTTP/301'd links. #clickharvesting

bencord0 (@bencord0) December 4, 2011 @bencord0 I want to find a better twitter server. One that doesn't interfere with links.

applehq (@applehq) December 4, 2011 @applehq It's not hard for a client to realise the difference between a 3xx and a 2xx reply with content.

bencord0 (@bencord0) December 4, 2011 What's stopping me from learning how to do OAuth (client side for now) and implementing a twitter client for myself?

bencord0 (@bencord0) December 4, 2011 @bencord0 Have you tried the new(ish) official web client? It's rather good. Twitter for Mac on the App Store is probably the best though.

Simon Stirrat (@SimonStirrat) December 4, 2011 @streetmagix I tried it, but it's still missing one of the vital features that keep me with brizzly...

bencord0 (@bencord0) December 4, 2011 @streetmagix ... the ability to quickly(ish) get to the terminator between read and unread tweets.

bencord0 (@bencord0) December 4, 2011 I'm not worried about RAM constraints, so paginated views of what really is a feed isn't for me.

bencord0 (@bencord0) December 4, 2011 A good substitute is a combination of IM client (newest at the bottom, autoscrolling for new tweets, pausing by scrolling up) and #opera.

bencord0 (@bencord0) December 4, 2011 There's something to be said about "catching-up" on tweets, clicking on the links you want (sending to background) and reading them later.

bencord0 (@bencord0) December 4, 2011 Someone call me up on this if I don't actually do it.

I'm thinking, something cross-platform in QML/Qt/C++. I'll figure something out.__ Anybody got feature requests?

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