posted 9 years ago by Ben Cordero

I really shouldn't be let near web development. Having said that, I've been spending more time writing and re-writing blog, rather than writing the blog posts themselves.

Things have changed. I'm going to push for simplicity, no comments, no categories & tags, no user accounts. I've moved away from a full blown Django CMS (Mezzanine is awesome, but just too much for what I want). I'm now using my own code using the lighter weight Flask framework, a markdown parser and one of the bootstrap themes hosted on their CDN.

I've removed tracking cookies, and Google analytics pings.

Blues are links, grayscale is text, white is space. There are a few images left in the archive, but I haven't audited them for styling yet. I might end up removing images entirely, or moving them to a dedicated gallery.

At somepoint, I'll also trim some of the more administrative posts and give the content here a more consistent feel.

I'm tempted to open up the source code, there is no longer any secret data in the codebase (or in configuration files), no database to maintain.

There are a few features that I still want to implement, you'll notice there is no pagination, but the archive has references to all historical posts since my wordpress days. I've even tried to keep old URLs working, so your bookmarks and feeds should still work, but tell me if anything is broken or looks wrong.

I'll let you figure out how to do that. Comments are off, but I have them backed up if I decide to reintroduce them somehow.

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