posted 10 years ago by Ben Cordero

I'm rebuilding juniper this weekend. It was getting a bit crufty recently. Now that I've had a chance to get comfortable with Xen, I think I am ready to attempt putting windows under HVM using the IOMMU and getting VGA Passthru to work.

The goal is simple, get a full-time Linux desktop which can still play games.

I am aware that Valve/Steam is planning a Linux client, but I'm impatient. I also might learn something along the way.

In the meantime, I've noticed that there have been a few updates to LVM since I last vgcreate'd. RAID topologies are now possible without resorting to special hardware cards, or the dreaded mdadm. &content-type=text/x-cvsweb-markup&cvsroot=lvm2

My plan, as always, is to have LVM responsible for carving out block devices, but I'm taking it a bit further this time. LVM supports the idea of "Bootable" LVs. In practice, the place a small boot partition as the first LV in a PV and bios should be able to use it. The advantage is that this LV can be mirrored onto other PVs.

Another thing I might try out is XtreemFS. It is pegged as being a cloud scalable, drop-in replacement for NFS. It offers abilities such as ad-hoc expansion: just add more OSDs, resiliance: files can be stored in more than one OSD, performance: you can retrieve files from your nearest OSD or from multiple OSDs simultaneously and finally, fail-over: choose another OSD on the fly if the current one goes down.

OSD: Object Storage Device, aka. where files are actually written. XKCD:908 style.

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