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Yes yes, I know it has almost been a month since my last post, but honestly my dear readers, nothing of real note has happened. Much.


At the moment I'm waiting on a whole slew of things to happen first so that I can react to them. There is the topic secrecy (not really much of a secret now), waiting for official people to do official things. There are meet ups and social gatherings, but the ones of note all happen next month. For now all I can do is prepare and buy presents.

Not me

Yes, I know about the Nokia thing (N9 and N950 announce) and I know about the Google thing (Chromebook released) but since neither of these things make a difference to UK residents, I will ignore them for now.!/bencord0/status/83080674680127489

I wish more people did these OneClickFlashers. Makes openness easier to understand.

The nice thing about the Chromebook and it's ChromeOS base is that they are Gentoo underneath. I know how to deal with that.

Almost me

Juniper has gone through a few changes. I have decided that it is just too powerful to sustain just one OS, I can't make the most of it that way. Solution: VMware vSphere Hypervisor, the free version of the full thing. But that probably deserves a post of it's own when I get the parts in. I'll say more then.

Parsley has a webserver, and I might consider putting a VPN on it. I also tried a bit of web development, remind me never to do that again. I'll push some code to gitorious at some point.

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