posted 11 years ago by Ben Cordero

I know I haven't blogged in a while.

I might even have to break my postaweek challenge. There's something exciting about to happen, well.. in the process starting to maybe be happening.

I have a little vindictive side that want to keep this a secret as long as possible. Right up to the last-minute.

When it comes to secrets, I have policies. A set of rules that I will adhere to if you entrust me with yours. Maybe someday, I'll tell you what those rules are. That list stays with me for now[1].

One of the rules is about disclosure, if you find out my secret (or I find out yours) through other means and am confronted with it directly, I will tell.
Conversely, if it is a sensitive secret, it is enough that it's existence be known. The full secret can be kept hidden until it needs to be unleashed.

Only the few closest to me know the full set of rules, they know how to respect them.

Respect this secret too. I'll try to post when I can about subjects that are still safe. This blog will also stay open as a channel of communication too, I just might be a bit quiet on the posts for the next few months.

Ideas welcome.

[1] Much like my 6 items of vital importance list.

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