New phone

posted 12 years ago by Ben Cordero

Hey hey, my dear readers. My new phone has arrived. It's quite cool.

It came in the smallest of boxes.
Besides the paperwork to keep the lawyers happy, there was no comprehensive technical manual.
The only paperwork worth reading, besids the box itself, was a small quick start guide. It points at all of the hardware buttons, the various bits of transportation plastic to remove, and the order to push buttons the first time you turn it on.

The majority of setup is left to the step-by-step setup app and exploring. I think this is a good thing, keeps the wow prolonged. It also helps so that HTC don't have to list a bunch of supported features that people will bug them about when it breaks.

I like Nokia, the N97 mini served me well, but it was the holding pattern before I could get hold of a proper smart phone. Unfortunatly, the meego anti- iphone written with Qt and made of win did not exist when upgrade time for that phone came to me. One upgrade cycle later and it still isn't here. Our dear friends in finland are up to something good,but it just isn't ready at the moment.

HTC however, are ready.

I'll post more when I explore a little deeper.


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