posted 9 years ago by Ben Cordero

You may have noticed the change.

The main motivation for the move is to bring my blog under my own domain, and to give me more control over how it all works.

I really like, but I think it is time for me to self host and I really don't like the idea of maintaining a php codebase. I did investigate setting up a, but I honestly wanted something python based.

So here we are, using Mezzanine. This is probably the closest in featureset to wordpress, it's written in python using django. And I can read (and understand) the sourcecode. It took me about a day, and while I'm not yet fully caught up with the codebase, I can figure out easily enough where everything is.

Over time, I intend to make changes additions of my own. Add some extra links of my internet self, the projects that I've been working on (but haven't had a place to publish them). Perhaps also add some features like a donation page and links to other services under this domain.

If there's anything missing, or incorrect links from the move, tell me and I'll get them updated.

You should also update your links/bookmarks and rss notifications to the new addresses. (The wordpress feed now redirectly properly, but you should use the final address to spare yourself excessive 301/302 redirects.)

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