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posted 11 years ago by Ben Cordero

There are some things that the lil' guys at HTC might have missed some tricks on. Now that I've used it for a few days I feel I should report back.

The micro-usb port, volume control and power button/screen lock are in the wrong place.

The lowerleft corner gets in the way when plugged in for power. Normally it wouldnt matter where the charge port is, but when you have to recharge in the middle of the day it gets in the way of typing. When using the keyboard, the cable pokes and wraps around limbs. When using the OSK, hands can't wrap around properly. Maybe the right, or bottom c.f. Desire, would be better.

Above the port is the volume control. I don't really have anything against it, but occasionally I do bump against it and unwittingly mute whatever it is I'm doing. The action is so smooth that I don't notice until vibrate mode hits and there's a small jolt.

As for the powerbutton, I'm just too used to the springloaded nokia screen lock switch. The button itself is perfectly traditional.

Otherwise, the battery life is a little short. A full charge (which doesn't take that long) never lasts over 12 hours straight. Preventative measures like a nearby usb port, powersavings mode or change of habits are usually required. I must invest in the higher capacity battery.

Have you noticed thats battery capacities are declining? I remember 2Ah+ batteries, my xperia has a 1.5Ah. Now I am presented with a 1.2Ah, how am I ever going to use up minutes and data in ARM's fine chipset.

All things considered, it is very hard to fault the software. Google have made a fantastic base operating system and eco system. HTC found some flaws and made them awesome.

I'm waiting for the Qt Lighthouse project to finish off the port, then this will be amazing. This is not a dev phone, those have come by already. This is a mature platform, and it shows. Hardware acceleration ftw.

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