posted 12 years ago by Ben Cordero

The divergence starts with a breakthrough in 1952.

A direct consequence of which,
the average human lifespan exceeds the century. Previous to this, Michael Bay
showed us his Utopian facility, but that screenplay trades raw emotion and humanity with shallow thrills of the chase, and explosions to keep western patriots happy.

Here, there is background about how the subjects grew up, their education and upbringing. Recipients are people, and every member of society benefits, not just the special few. There are hints of a moral driving force, once the 1952 breakthrough exists, who would stop it? Many live on to longer lives and crippling degenerative diseases are eradicated.

The movie goes through phases, the childhood unknown, the adolescent acceptance, the process at adulthood.

Of course, there is the deferral. The twist of drama to move the storey along. The love to live for, and the rebellion from the destiny of completion. This is a story sacrifice. The happiness it spawns, and the sadness that dawns.

The disproportion of facsimile selection. There are no escapes.

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