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Ahh well, 2011 is coming to an end and I've been a bit lax on the blogy posty thing.

Wordpress tells me that this is blog post number 50. Minus the dozen of posts that pre-date 2011, I think that means that I was mostly [1] successful sticking to the postaweek principles. I gave up quickly on the official topic ideas, other people's blogs seemed much more interesting. I would have ended up reblogging those verbatim or just linking them. A job for twitter no doubt.

I've had over a thousand views over all time with my busiest months around summer with a lull from October when I ran out of random (yet publishable) thoughts in my head. I do have a stack of drafts, and incomplete text files hiding in various hard drives and emails sent to myself. Alas, they are too fragmented even for this blog to have any meaning at all, or make sense on a second read.

Plans for the next year [2]? Probably not stick to any predefined blogging schedule and just spew out fragments and ideas whenever I'm close enough to a text editor to jot them down.

Ideas, comments, other blogs and idea spawners welcome. There are some life events expected to occur in the early months of next year, but we'll see what happens. I'll share in time. T'all good for now.

This summary of the year is also an excuse to tick the "This post is super- awesome" check box.

[1] from a technical definition of the word.
[2] new->next, implies it will last longer than 6 or 7 months.

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